Morning Yoga Workout: 5 Poses to Help You Rise Like the Sun

Are you constantly dragging in the morning? Give yourself a natural boost with a morning yoga routine. In fact, performing a few yoga moves first thing in the morning is found to be one of the best… [more]

Morning Yoga Workout: 5 Poses to Help You Rise Like the Sun Morning Yoga Workout: 5 Poses to Help You Rise Like the Sun

Yoga Is Fine For Prenatal Exercise

Pregnancy has all the adventure any woman could want. That being said, one of the main things on a woman's mind is how the pregnancy will affect her figure and overall health. To act on the proactive side,… [more]

Yoga Is Fine For Prenatal Exercise Yoga Is Fine For Prenatal Exercise

Why Yoga improves health and how to get fit

Recent studies show that Yoga not only increases flexibility, but also increases stamina. Yoga also enhances the mind to body relationship and chemical energy through discipline and exercise to maintain… [more]

Why Yoga improves health and how to get fit Why Yoga improves health and how to get fit

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Yoga Tips and Advice

The Three-Part Breath – A Relaxation Exercise To Cherish

One yoga exercise that is beneficial in a number of settings – not least for insomniacs and sufferers of stress – is known as the “Three Part Breath”. You will see in a moment how it got its name, but … [Read More...]

Use Yoga To Say Bye-Bye To Stress

Anyone who suffers from stress can easily bear witness to the destruction that it causes. For anyone who has had to live with stress – or live with someone who lives with it – the effects are quite … [Read More...]

How Yoga Can Help With Your Back Pain

It may seem like an insane suggestion, given the poses that some of the experts manage to find themselves in, but if you suffer from back pain you may find that the answer to your problems lies in … [Read More...]

Yoga for Beginners

No Place Like Om: Creating The Best Space for Your At-Home Yoga Practice

There is no denying yoga's benefits. Based on sources like NAMASTA and Yoga Journal, Statistic Brain places the number of US yoga practitioners at 15,275,000. Over 72% are female. 44% earn over … [Read More...]

Our Guide to Yoga Practice at Your Own Pace

One of the biggest barriers to getting started with a yoga program often is watching other people do yoga! To a complete beginner, some of the poses look like they are simply going to be impossible … [Read More...]

3 Common Mistakes Beginning Yogis Make

    Number One : Not Knowing What To Expect From Yoga. Ask yourself what it was about Yoga that attracted you and then you can set your intentions for your practice. You may choose … [Read More...]

Yoga for Advanced

Advanced Yoga Poses: 3 Methods to Evolve Your Practice

You have risen from the ranks of beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. And you're no stranger to the emotional, physical, and mental benefits of yoga. But, you want to evolve your … [Read More...]

Power Yoga’s Benefits

  Power yoga is a more dynamic form of yoga – it's fast paced, more strenuous and the attention is more on physical conditioning than on meditation and contemplation. Power yoga is more … [Read More...]

Yoga For Building Up Strength For Sports

Yoga is everywhere. So many people are doing it that it's become almost as common as mom's apple pie in America. That being said, how does yoga fit into the sports regimens of athletes? First of … [Read More...]